28 January 2005

General Quarters, General Quaters, All hands man your General Quarters Stations!!!

Talk about an exciting weeek.

Heck, I died twice yesterday. In the morning we had a security alert, because some stupid civilians drove their kayaks too close to the ship. Later on in the afternoon we had a mainline oil/fuel leak in engineering and we went to General Quarters. That means me and my strecher bearers, by ourselves,mind you in the Aft BDS ready to start accepting casualties if that shit lit off. I was scared. Been on the boat a week and I already was going to be by myself. Luckily nothing happened and it all turned out ok. The engineering guys had a fucking mess to clean up though. Nonetheless, we had an exciting couple of moments yesterday.

Today we had fast cruise, which meant we went through every possible evoulution that we would underway, except that we were still tied to the pier. Unrep, flight quarters, General Quarters, Sea and Anchor. All in prep for our underway period. Can't say when we're leaving or where we're going for Operational Security issues. But seeing as they're starting to urethane the decks outside medical in the P-Way, I need to scamper off. Everyone take care...