30 September 2004

"I feel the need, the need for speed!!"

I'm working on a big post right now....might take me a couple days. It's dedicated to the now Decom'd F-14 fighter jet. So in the man time, everyone take care...

25 September 2004

The Hangover Blues

Well....Last night was awesome. It would have been better if the ladies were more receptive and plentiful...oh well...

Yeah...I got utterly and completely shitfaced playing some stupid drinking games. Did a 45 sec keg stand...that was cool. I was beat by a little short chick who went an entire minute. Gotta watch out for those short ones...they can really hold their beer.

Anyways, life sucks the next morning. Laying in bed all day with a hangover that only seems to be cured with water, and mcdonalds hamburgers. Lamenting over the previous nights antics.

We played this game with the girls where we took an ice-pop and bit a piece off and passed it aroun in our mouths, the one who got caught with it melted had to chug a beer. The line moved every time to get a new person at the end and beginning. We played another game called "Flip-Cup." what you do is take your cup and fill the bottom with a little beer. The person at the beginning has a full cup and chugs it down then places his cup on the edge right-side up then tries to flip it to land upside down. This is difficult to do even sober. Once he gets it done, the next person goes, chugs his little bit of beer then tries to flip...the deal is that it's guys against girls. theres about five people on either side. It gets pretty woosey after a while.

After a bit I got hiccups and ended up puking in the back yard...then I started drinking agian after a brief washup and a glass of water. All good again.

I wish I brought my camera. Lots of cool stuff going on. And it was all for my buds going away party. Cool beans...

Well off to save the world again...

P.S. Im writing a story and posting it online at

  • Gods Mercy

  • 23 September 2004

    Sic Vis Pacem Para Bellum

    I just watched The Punisher. Great movie if you get a chance to watch it.

    Anyways, today at work I worked down in the cardiology clinic. I was filing all their old records and such, organizing and making everything neat. Busy work. I was starting to feel useless sitting on my ass all the time. Since I can't do patient care right now, I feel pretty useless.

    The big day of judgement is fast approaching. Trying not to think too much about things right now. The fact that I'm broke and sitting on my ass all day I pretty much have nothing else to ponder except my own destiny in this great life.

    I dont have much more to write about right now. Not much really going on. I'll keep everyone posted.

    21 September 2004

    I am hard, but I am fair...

    Sorry....been a while again. I know.

    I've been tired of a lot of things lately. Work, Work, and Stupid people...really, really stupid people.

    Anyways, I went P-Balling agian on Saturday with Doc Haines and some friends of ours. It always seems better with a lot of people. And plus we got a lot of compliments of being very "professional and considerate" with the way we handled ourselves and the way we killed those less fortunate souls who were annihilated by us. It was a fun time.

    Shit....I'm so tired that I dont have much too talk about.

    New things I bought as sympathy gifts for myself:

    1. A home theater system complete with a DVD/VCR combo and surround sound speakers.

    2. A response trigger for my Tippman 98. Helps with the trigger pull so you can fire at a faster rate of fire which is also adjustable.

    Again, I'm tired so I'm gonna go to bed. I'm trying as hard as possible to get posts up at a faster rate, its just that I can't seem to find the time for anything.

    Oh yeah...If anyone is looking for a lesson in the Military Justice system go to Military Justice 101 .

    16 September 2004

    What is your Battle Cry?

    Thanks for the Inspiration Sean!!

    What Is Your Battle Cry?

    Who is that, skulking along the fields! It is Marc, hands clutching a meaty axe! And with a low howl, his voice cometh:

    "In the name of Thor the Mighty, I look forward to hearing the lamentations of thy women!!"

    Find out!
    Enter username:
    Are you a girl, or a guy ?

    created by beatings : powered by monkeys

    14 September 2004

    Suprised! No?

    A couple of days ago I asked a friend of mine to do a tarot reading for me. This is what the cards seemed to show:

    How you feel about yourself right now: The Death Card

    Perhaps you feel that everything as you have known it is falling apart. Unexpected changes and turmoil, end of a job, end of a career, divorce or end of a relationship, recovering from a bereavement or fear of bereavement. Try not to worry too much, this time of absolute endings heralds a brand new beginning, a period of great transformation.

    What you want most at this moment: The Magician

    What you most want is a new love in your life, and when The Magician appears, a new love affair or perhaps a rekindled affair is at hand. All things new are possible, the result is up to you - its all dependent on just how much you want it.

    Your Fears: Strength

    You are fearful of lacking the will power and strength to deal with someone or something that concerns you. Feeling negative and listening to all your fears will only cause failure and lost opportunities. Be as brave as a lion but work compassionately and you’ll be fine.

    What is going for you: Justice

    There is a karmic power to the Justice card, reward for the good deeds you have done in the past. This is a period of good luck even if you don’t know why you are being so favoured. You will approach any issues concerning relationships or business affairs with calm, balanced logic and any claim will go in your favour.

    What is going against you: The Fool

    Beware of impetuous and impulsive decisions, they could cost you dear. Draw on your knowledge and experience, perhaps there are naive and immature beliefs behind your current desires. Are you looking to move onwards and upwards or run away? Look before you leap, you don’t want to appear the fool do you?

    The Outcome: The Empress

    This is a truly creative and fertile time. Expect the best if you are considering having a child, creating a new job or business opportunity or starting a creative project. The Empress symbolizes abundance, joy and happiness, and reassurance - a firm foundation for future progress.

    I normally dont dabble in these sorts of things, but damn! It's accurate and helpful. I should use this method more often.

    Everyone take care of yourself!
    Marc out...

    09 September 2004

    Stupid Girls and Lonely Guys

    I just watched 50 First Dates. Good movie, funny, but at the same time sad. Sad because it made me realize some things about my life that are lacking. Sad becaus eit makes me want to wait till I'm in a commited relationship till I give it up.

    At times, well, all the time I miss that feeling of being able to wrap my arms around someone and hold them close. Someone who'll love me back as much as I love them. What complicates this is that every single day I hear girls talking about their asshole boyfriends and how their sleeping around. Hmmm... lets see. Maybe if you shyed away from that musclebound asshole and looked for a more humble, less attractive guy, you might find a caring, understanding guy. Take myself for example, the hopeless romantic. I worship women, as they should be. They are the ones who god gave us to love, they are the ones he put to make us feel loved, they are the mother of our children. My bud told me that its too forward to give a girl a single rose on the first date, or buy her flowers. Maybe it is but thats just the kind of guy I am. I open doors and I refuse to let her pay for anything. I respect her like she is the queen of the modern world. Why don't some of these girls/women see that if they just lowered their standards a little on what kind of guy they want they might just find someone they like. I've been told that I'm not ugly, that I'm a sweet guy, that I give good backrubs, but....but I'm not the kind of guy shes looking for. What kind of guy are you looking for. One that cheats on you, one that goes out drinking with his friends on your birthday or anniversary, one that makes you do his laundry. Yeah, you go on and see what happens. I dont know... Maybe it's just me....

    07 September 2004

    Push my fingers into my eyes...

    ...It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache...

    Hey y'all!

    Well it was a long weekend for me. It was full of pleasure, pain, and good companionship.

    Friday: I just get off work from Thursday night and my buddy calls me on the phone and tells me to meet him on the smoke deck. I go out there and he asks if I wanted to go to Quantico to get our hair cut, go to Wal-mart to get bins for his truck, and then go to get my phone. I was like cool, thats sounds good. So off we go. It's about an hour to hour and a half drive to Quantico. Why go that far just for a hair cut. Because its the only place that does it the way we like. Short, like Marine Regs short. Plus you get a shoulder and scalp massage, and no it doesn't come with a "Happy Ending" for all you sickos out there. So we drive down there and get our hair cut and drive to Wally-Mart, and as luck would have it, they didn't have the bins that he needed. We go to Radio Shack and were there getting my phone for all of about 30 minutes. I got a cool Kyocera Slider phone. For all of those who would like to reach me and talk to the real me in person my number is 240-676-0089. I have free nights and weekends so that would be preferable since I got the plan with only 400 daytime minutes. If you want to cantact me by land line, my number is 301-214-4888. I have free long distance(one of those military living in the barracks perks) so you needn't worry about my bill running up. Call collect if you want, I don't care. The only thing to keep in mind is that I work nights, so 7am to 5pm are my sleeping hours. We made a clutch decision to go Paintballing the next day so we roll to the P-Ball store to get paint. We then go back to the Barracks and watch movies and get our gear ready for the next day.

    Saturday: Up bright and early for the hour and a half drive to the field. Two large guys and a skinny guy crammed into the cab of a Ford Ranger. Fun times. Anyways we get to the field and start getting ready. We go play a game and while we're waiting for the next game to start and a yellowjacket lands on the back of my neck. I tell my buddy to swat it away and what does he do...he blows on it. It doesn't move so I smash it against my neck, which turned out to be a bad idea. Good thing I'm not allergic, but god did it hurt. Only stung for about an hour or so then slowly started to go away. During one of the hyperball games(the two games we play are Hyperball, which is played on a small field and has many obstacles, or bunkers to hide behind, and Woodsball, played on a large forested field, usually with total elimination or CTF rules) me and this guy were exchanging paint for about 2 mins or so. I run out of paint in my hopper so I crouch down to reload and this guy books it around my bunker and lays about 5 rounds into my side at about 4 feet on full auto. Left 5 good sized welts. Good Stuff. Needless to say it was a good day. Any day I get to go P-Ballin is a good day.

    Sunday: Relaxation and recovery day. Watched movies and did laundry, and slept.

    Monday: Worked...Why do I always have to work on the holidays.

    Thats about it. No new news really. So Imma gonna go to sleep now and go to work tonight. Everyone take care...
    Navy Doc out...

    02 September 2004

    Word to Your Mother....

    I know, I know...It's been, like, forever since I last posted. Well, my lifes been hectic and I've been more occupied than usual with other things. Getting ready to transfer, or not....we'll see what my DH does.

    Let's start where I left off. I was off on thursday and I hung out with my buds, watching movies and such. I worked my ass off on Fri Sat and Sun. Who would expect anything less, right? I guess I've got something to prove now, and I'm confident that I'm doing a fucking badass job at it. I've got new motivation to be the best damn corpsman on the floor now. It's like a new energy. Being baptized by fire, and coming out unscathed. Still waiting to see what happens with previous events. My chief hasn't talked to me yet, and I'm not sure whats going to happen. But until then, I'm determined to show them how good I can be. On Sunday night I made a deal with my nurses, where I took three patients and they took the other three I was assigned to. This means they did the vitals, meds and such for their patients, and I did the same on mine. It made it a whole lot easier on me and I did a bang up job that night, only fogetting to do a couple things, but catching myself before they got out of hand. Simple things that really didn't make a big difference. I even gave report to the on-coming shift on my three patients. That was cool.

    On monday, my bud was out PT'ing with the Marine Liason getting ready to go to Field Medical Service School, where they teach you about being a field corpsman with the Marines. He's got orders to leave here on Oct. 16 bound for 29 Palms CA. This would put him less than 6 hours away from his 2 yr old daughter, who he hasn't seen in about 6 months or so. Anyways, they were out running with flak jackets down a steep, bumpy road. He said he was right behind the Sergeant looking right at the back of his head. Next thing he knows he was on the deck screaming in excrutiating pain and grasping his calf. He rolled into the ER and they took X-rays. What happened is he rolled his ankle and chipped about a 1 square cm chunk out of his Tibia and they think he tore a couple Ligaments because the opposite side of his leg was swollen like a grapefruit. His ankles fine, but his leg is fucked up. On monday and Tuesday nights I hung out with him, watching movies and chilling in his room because I just wanted him to know that I was there for him if he needed me. I'm here for all my brothers.

    Work last night was ok. We were busy from when I got on at 1830 till about 0000. Then from then it was slow until about 0300 when we started morning routine. Fun stuff. I did, what I think was, another bang up job. I'm fast on the path to redeeming my indiscretions.

    Well, thats about all thats new in my life. I'm going to get a new Cell Phone on Friday. Thats right I'm finally getting a Cell Phone. After Sprint screwed me over when I transfered here I have been a little leary about getting another one. I do have a phone here in my room, so I'm not completely cut off from the outside world.

    I'm going to end with a song that I think is pretty cool that I just heard for the first time a couple days ago.

    When passion's lost and all the trust is gone,
    Way too far, for way too long
    Children crying, cast out and neglected,
    Only in a world so cold, only in a world this cold
    Hold the hand of your best friend, look into their eyes
    Then watch them drift away
    Some might say, we've done the wrong things,
    For way too long, for way too long
    Fever inside the storm,
    So I'm turning away.
    Away from the name (Calling your names)
    Away from the stones (Throw sticks and stones)
    'Cause I'm through mending the wounds of us
    Keep your thorns 'Cause I'm running away,
    Away from the games(Fucking head games)
    Away from the space(Hate this head space)
    The circumstances of a world so cold
    Burning whispers, Remind me of the days,
    I was left alone, in a world this cold
    Guilty of the same things, provoked by the cause
    I've left alone, in a world so cold
    Fever inside the storm,So I'm turning away.
    Away from the name (Calling your names)
    Away from the stones (Throw sticks and stones)
    'Cause I'm through mending the wounds of us
    Keep your thorns 'Cause I'm running away,
    Away from the games(Fucking head games)
    Away from the space(Hate this head space)
    The circumstances of a world so cold
    I'm flying, I'm flying away,
    Away from the names(Calling your names)
    Away from the games (Fucking head games)
    The circumstances of a world so cold
    Why does everyone feel like my enemy,
    Don't want any part of depression or Darkness,
    I've had enough sick and tired,
    bring the sun, or I'm gone,Or I'm gone
    I'm backing out, I'm no pawn,
    No mother-fucking slave to this,
    Never lied
    Never left
    Never lived
    Never loved
    Never lost
    Never hurt
    Never worry about being me, or anyone else
    Not a care, no concern, don't give a shit about Anything
    Backing out, giving up, no mother-fucking Slave to this,
    Never lied
    Never left
    Never lived
    Never loved
    Never lost
    Never hurt
    Never worry about being me, or anyone else
    Not a care, no concern, don't give a shit about Anything,
    I need to find a darkened corner,
    A lightless corner,
    Where it's safer and calmer,
    I'm turning away.
    Away from the name (Calling your names)
    Away from the stones (Throw sticks and stones)
    'Cause I'm through mending the wounds of us
    I'm running away,
    Away from the games(Fucking head games)
    Away from the space(Hate this head space)
    The circumstances of a world so cold
    I'm flying, I'm flying away,
    Away from the names(Calling your names)
    Away from the games (Fucking head games)
    The circumstances of a world so cold

    ---Mudvayne, "A World So Cold"

    Navy Doc out...