25 September 2004

The Hangover Blues

Well....Last night was awesome. It would have been better if the ladies were more receptive and plentiful...oh well...

Yeah...I got utterly and completely shitfaced playing some stupid drinking games. Did a 45 sec keg stand...that was cool. I was beat by a little short chick who went an entire minute. Gotta watch out for those short ones...they can really hold their beer.

Anyways, life sucks the next morning. Laying in bed all day with a hangover that only seems to be cured with water, and mcdonalds hamburgers. Lamenting over the previous nights antics.

We played this game with the girls where we took an ice-pop and bit a piece off and passed it aroun in our mouths, the one who got caught with it melted had to chug a beer. The line moved every time to get a new person at the end and beginning. We played another game called "Flip-Cup." what you do is take your cup and fill the bottom with a little beer. The person at the beginning has a full cup and chugs it down then places his cup on the edge right-side up then tries to flip it to land upside down. This is difficult to do even sober. Once he gets it done, the next person goes, chugs his little bit of beer then tries to flip...the deal is that it's guys against girls. theres about five people on either side. It gets pretty woosey after a while.

After a bit I got hiccups and ended up puking in the back yard...then I started drinking agian after a brief washup and a glass of water. All good again.

I wish I brought my camera. Lots of cool stuff going on. And it was all for my buds going away party. Cool beans...

Well off to save the world again...

P.S. Im writing a story and posting it online at

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