09 September 2004

Stupid Girls and Lonely Guys

I just watched 50 First Dates. Good movie, funny, but at the same time sad. Sad because it made me realize some things about my life that are lacking. Sad becaus eit makes me want to wait till I'm in a commited relationship till I give it up.

At times, well, all the time I miss that feeling of being able to wrap my arms around someone and hold them close. Someone who'll love me back as much as I love them. What complicates this is that every single day I hear girls talking about their asshole boyfriends and how their sleeping around. Hmmm... lets see. Maybe if you shyed away from that musclebound asshole and looked for a more humble, less attractive guy, you might find a caring, understanding guy. Take myself for example, the hopeless romantic. I worship women, as they should be. They are the ones who god gave us to love, they are the ones he put to make us feel loved, they are the mother of our children. My bud told me that its too forward to give a girl a single rose on the first date, or buy her flowers. Maybe it is but thats just the kind of guy I am. I open doors and I refuse to let her pay for anything. I respect her like she is the queen of the modern world. Why don't some of these girls/women see that if they just lowered their standards a little on what kind of guy they want they might just find someone they like. I've been told that I'm not ugly, that I'm a sweet guy, that I give good backrubs, but....but I'm not the kind of guy shes looking for. What kind of guy are you looking for. One that cheats on you, one that goes out drinking with his friends on your birthday or anniversary, one that makes you do his laundry. Yeah, you go on and see what happens. I dont know... Maybe it's just me....