23 May 2005

Best medical in the surface navy

Again apologies for the lack of posts. Work hours have sucked for the past few weeks. Computer access has sucked as well because of the long hours.

Anyways, we just went through INSURV...the do or die of inspections of the surface navy. Basically if you fail this inspection, the CO, XO, and CHENG ( Chief Engineer) get relieved for due cause, and the ship risks decommisioning. Well, ladies and gentlemen. We blew it out of the water. And on top of that, the medical department was cited as "One of the best put together in the whole navy." That would lead to my head only getting bigger.

Anyways, if you couldn't tell already, Im fucked up beyond belief. I'll hurt in the morning, but who cares, eh? It's five o'clock somewhere.

Take care everyone...Until next time, huga and kisses for all!!!!!!!

07 May 2005

Sometimes change is a good thing

So...I can't really talk about all thats going on here. It's tough and exhausting. Sean, If you still read and check in on me I envy you. You don't have to paint shit, or stand watches. You dont go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. But on the other hand, I wouldn't want it any other way. This is the best duty I could have wanted. I will learn so much. To those of you I have lost due to my inactivity, I apologize. It's rough when your not used to this. The hours should improve in a little while so keep checking back. In the meantime I've started up my own fotopage at http://usndoc150.fotopages.com/ . Check it out and leave comments. I'm messing with my self timer right now to get more pictures of me in my civilian clothes. So stand the frick by!!! Love ya all.