08 September 2005

Advancement? Not Likely...

I took the Navy-Wide Advancement-In-Rate exam for HM2 this morning. I don't have a good feeling about it. I think I bombed it.

Anyways, since we were out for Labor day weekend I'm sitting here trying to think of shit to do for the 3 days I'm gonna have off. Alchohol will fit in somewhere around there, just because thats what I do on the weekends. Video games too. Maybe some picture taking, I dunno. I was thinking about going to Dave and Buster's on Friday night. Maybe Nashvilles, the local country bar. Anywho... Just a little note to let everyone who reads that I'm alive, IF anyone reads anymore. I'm gonna try and post a little note about something everyday. So keep checking.

07 September 2005

Katrina was my ex-girlfriends name...ugh!!!

My heart and sympathies go out to all those affected by that terrible storm that hit the Louisiana area last week. I would've posted sooner but we were finishing up with an aggressive underway period. I know several of the guys on my boat that have family over there that have heard naught from them. I pray for those nightly.

Unlike some of those bigger ships we don't get internet underway. Yeah it sucks for us bloggers, especially when we go on deployment.

Well, updates from me. I caught the flu underway about four days ago, and I'm still battling it off. At it's peak I was lying in my rack with a hundred and two fever, coughing my brains out thinking to myself "CORPSMAN AREN"T SUPPOSED TO GET SICK DAMNIT!!!"

So I'm getting ready to set-up my laptop and watch a movie and go to bed. All those out there who are hoping and praying for family members in Louisiana, I join you.

O gracious God,
we will never understand the sorrows of the world, but by your grace we will not turn away from them.
Renew and sustain in us the spirit of love that crosses miles.
Cheer and encourage those who labor to help the injured, the homeless, the hungry and those in despair.
Bless and soften the hearts of those who would take advantage of tragedy for their own profit, that they may come to know where true joy is to be found.
Unite us in prayer with all those who look for help, and use us to come speedily to them with the things that they need.
We ask these things in your own most holy Name.

13 August 2005

Life goes on....

When do you submit to fate and accept the fact that a girl you've liked for the last 4 months or so has no interest in having that type of relationship with you? Is it when you see her making out with a guy, get pissed, walk out and later to find out that she's liked him for awhile now and all of a sudden you realize that you're happy for her? Thats what happened last night and here's how I handled it.

I waited about half an hour or so after the incident. We have a flower girl that sells flowers at the country bar I frequent. Anyways, I bought her three yellow roses(for everlasting friendship), and conviently held them down behind my leg so she wouldn't see.

I told her that I didn't play her for stupid and I knew that she knew that I liked her. And that I was content with being friends and showed her the roses. She got this look in her eye and gave me a big hug and told me that was the sweetest thing anybody did for her, and that no matter what anybody tells me, I should never change. She kept saying that I was making her be like a girl (she's always been "one of the guys"). I also owe her a dance. I love you Stacy, you'll always be my girl.

I drank till I Stumbled,
I drank till I fell.
When the drunk part was over it hurt me like hell.
Now I know about drinkin' so I know one things true,
Bein drunk's a lot like lovin' you.

Cause I loved till I stumbled,
I loved till I fell.
When the lovin' was over it hurt me like hell.
I know what a taste of the wrong love can do,
Being drunk's a lot like lovin you.

And I've woke up some mornings and sworn off the drink,
At that I've done reasonably well I think.
But I haven't done well swearin off you and me,
At that I've failed miserably.

Well I've felt the hangover of lovin' all night,
I've sat at the bar all alone in a fight
I've bottled up feelings and poured 'em out too,
Being drunk's a lot like lovin' you.

And I've woke up some mornings a sworn off the drink,
At that I've done reasonably well I think.
But I haven't done well swearin' off you and me,
At that I've failed miserably.

I've drank till I stumbled,
I love till I fell.
When the drunk part was over love hurt me like hell.
Now I know about drinkin' so I know one things true,
Being drunk's a lot like lovin' you.

Well I know what a taste of the wrong love can do
Sometimes I still get drunk lovin' you.

11 August 2005

I'm back....

...for a little while anyways. I'm not sure how long it will be till my next post. We've been pierside in Hawaii for the last month. However we've been working so hard that all I do when I go home is eat dinner, work out, and sleep. It sucks, but In the last 8 months (has it really been that long?!!?) I've become quite accustome to getting the shaft.

Now, sometimes, rarely, we get off early on a friday. and when we do, look out Waikiki, cuz the sailors are coming for you!! Yeah, I go and party a little here and there, but mostly there.

Now back to work. I usually have a pretty got work ethic. But I'm getting ready to give the navy a big FUCK YOU!! and be on my way. The military has shafted me, and they have shafted me more than once. So I'm ready to put it all on the line and to not give a FLYING FUCK no more.

My HM1 made chief so I'm stuck here by myself for the next 6 weeks while he goes through initiation. I don't know what the hell to do sometimes. Oh, well. I think I'll live.

23 May 2005

Best medical in the surface navy

Again apologies for the lack of posts. Work hours have sucked for the past few weeks. Computer access has sucked as well because of the long hours.

Anyways, we just went through INSURV...the do or die of inspections of the surface navy. Basically if you fail this inspection, the CO, XO, and CHENG ( Chief Engineer) get relieved for due cause, and the ship risks decommisioning. Well, ladies and gentlemen. We blew it out of the water. And on top of that, the medical department was cited as "One of the best put together in the whole navy." That would lead to my head only getting bigger.

Anyways, if you couldn't tell already, Im fucked up beyond belief. I'll hurt in the morning, but who cares, eh? It's five o'clock somewhere.

Take care everyone...Until next time, huga and kisses for all!!!!!!!

07 May 2005

Sometimes change is a good thing

So...I can't really talk about all thats going on here. It's tough and exhausting. Sean, If you still read and check in on me I envy you. You don't have to paint shit, or stand watches. You dont go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. But on the other hand, I wouldn't want it any other way. This is the best duty I could have wanted. I will learn so much. To those of you I have lost due to my inactivity, I apologize. It's rough when your not used to this. The hours should improve in a little while so keep checking back. In the meantime I've started up my own fotopage at http://usndoc150.fotopages.com/ . Check it out and leave comments. I'm messing with my self timer right now to get more pictures of me in my civilian clothes. So stand the frick by!!! Love ya all.

26 April 2005

On the coast of somewhere beautiful

Knew I could never hold that girl
She was born to see the world
All I got is a picture she mailed me
Barefoot in the snow white sand
A bag of sea shells in her hand
She finally found a paradise it seems

On the coast of somewhere beautiful
Trade winds blowin through her hair
Sunlight dancin on the water
And I wish I was there
Don’t know how I’m goin’ to find her
All I know so far
She’s on the coast of somewhere beautiful
Runnin’ with my heart

Sometimes whne the sun goes down
Shadows fall across this little town
And I close my eyes and I drift away
To another place in another time
When the world was ours and she was mine
I dream of holdin her again someday

On the coast of somewhere beautiful
Trade winds blowin through her hair
Sunlight dancin on the water
And I wish I was there
Dont know how I’m gonna find her
All I know so far
Shes on a coast somewhere beautiful
Runnin with my heart

Dont know how I’m goin to find her
All I know so far
Shes on the coast of somewhere beautiful
Runnin with my heart
Ohh she’s runnin with my heart
On the coast of somewhere beautiful

12 April 2005

A Story To Think About

In August of 1942, the first major USMC assault landings against the Japanese Empire occurred in the Solomon Islands, Pacific. The island chosen for the invasion was Guadalcanal.

As they moved inland, four Marines were walking point into the jungle. Advancing into an open area without cover, they came under heavy fire from the entrenched Japanese. All four Marines were wounded but managed to crawl into a shell crater, about fifty yards from where they had emerged from the jungle.

A Hospital Corpsman ran from cover into the crater with the wounded Marines, and ran back to cover, under fire. Having dressed the wounds of the Marine, he sprinted back for another, only this time he was hit. Not stopping to dress his own wounds, he carried the second Marine to cover receiving a second wound. After giving aid to the Marine, the Corpsman was hit for a third time going into the crater. Staggering toward the treeline with the third Marine, he was again struck by enemy fire.

When the third Marine's wounds were dressed, the Corpsman started after the last Marine in the crater. The Corpsman still had not stopped to care for his own wounds. In a final valiant effort, he stumbled toward the crater, where he was brought down by concentrated enemy machine gun fire. He lunged forward into the crater falling across the fourth Marine, finally giving up his life.

Reaching up to his own bleeding wounds, the Marine wrote on the back of the Corpsman's bullet riddled shirt,

This was that dying Marine's final tribute to his shipmate's supreme sacrifice in fulfilling his oath, "TO AID THE WOUNDED, IN THEIR MOMENT OF NEED."

A Corpsman's Prayer

Grant me, oh Lord, for the coming events;
Enough knowledge to cope and some plain common sense.
Be at our side on those nightly patrols;
And be merciful judging our vulnerable souls.
Make my hands steady and as sure as a rock;
when the others go down with a wound or in shock.
Let me be close, when they bleed in the mud;
With a tourniquet handy to save precious blood.
Here in the jungle, the enemy near;
Even the corpsman can't offer much lightness and cheer.
Just help me, oh Lord, to save lives when I can;
Because even out there is merit in man.
If It's Your will, make casualties light;
And don't let any die in the murderous night.
These are my friends I'm trying to save;
They are frightened at times, but You know they are brave.
Let me not fail when they need so much;
But to help me serve with a compassionate touch.
Lord, I'm no hero -- my job is to heal;
And I want You to know Just how helpless I feel.
Bring us back safely to camp with dawn;
For too many of us are already gone.
Lord bless my friends If that's part of your plan;
And go with us tonight, when we go out again.
Author Unknown

11 April 2005

My Prayer

Dear Lord,

There's a young man or woman far from home, called to serve their nation in time of war; sent to defend our freedom on some distant foreign shore. We pray You keep them safe, we pray You keep them strong, we pray You send them safely home ... for they've been away so long. Bless those who await their safe return and those who mourn the lost. Bless those who serve this country well, no matter what the cost.

12 February 2005

Back in San Diego

Sorry I've been gone for so long. We got underway a couple of weeks ago, and we don't get internet while underway, Yeah, I know, It sucks. Anyways, It's raining and miserable here. I don't know what I'm going to do today. I'm off, but it's 1135 and I'm still on the ship. I need to get out.

Well, tata everyone

28 January 2005

General Quarters, General Quaters, All hands man your General Quarters Stations!!!

Talk about an exciting weeek.

Heck, I died twice yesterday. In the morning we had a security alert, because some stupid civilians drove their kayaks too close to the ship. Later on in the afternoon we had a mainline oil/fuel leak in engineering and we went to General Quarters. That means me and my strecher bearers, by ourselves,mind you in the Aft BDS ready to start accepting casualties if that shit lit off. I was scared. Been on the boat a week and I already was going to be by myself. Luckily nothing happened and it all turned out ok. The engineering guys had a fucking mess to clean up though. Nonetheless, we had an exciting couple of moments yesterday.

Today we had fast cruise, which meant we went through every possible evoulution that we would underway, except that we were still tied to the pier. Unrep, flight quarters, General Quarters, Sea and Anchor. All in prep for our underway period. Can't say when we're leaving or where we're going for Operational Security issues. But seeing as they're starting to urethane the decks outside medical in the P-Way, I need to scamper off. Everyone take care...


24 January 2005

Fun in the Sun....yeah right!

Here I am in Pearl Harbor now. It's been busy the last week I've been here. I've inherited a junk pile from the old Baby Doc that was here. Anyways, hopefully I can get out and see the island here, and get my digital camera some good use to post some pictures.

It's hot here. I wake up and its about 75 degrees at 5 am. I think overall its going to be a good experience. It's about time to get back to work. I wish I had more time to write, but like i said, its busy out here. Talk some more later.

Doc out

10 January 2005

Rainy SoCal

First off Happy New Year...

Second...why does Southren California have to be so ugly when I show up!!! Rain??!!?? I can get rain back home in Washington damn it!!!

Anyways, I'm here in San Diego until sunday then I'm off to Hawaii for some fun in the sun. HM1 Bentley, I know it's crazy but hang in there. I'll be there soon!!

No much to talk about right now.

Love you guys!