21 September 2004

I am hard, but I am fair...

Sorry....been a while again. I know.

I've been tired of a lot of things lately. Work, Work, and Stupid people...really, really stupid people.

Anyways, I went P-Balling agian on Saturday with Doc Haines and some friends of ours. It always seems better with a lot of people. And plus we got a lot of compliments of being very "professional and considerate" with the way we handled ourselves and the way we killed those less fortunate souls who were annihilated by us. It was a fun time.

Shit....I'm so tired that I dont have much too talk about.

New things I bought as sympathy gifts for myself:

1. A home theater system complete with a DVD/VCR combo and surround sound speakers.

2. A response trigger for my Tippman 98. Helps with the trigger pull so you can fire at a faster rate of fire which is also adjustable.

Again, I'm tired so I'm gonna go to bed. I'm trying as hard as possible to get posts up at a faster rate, its just that I can't seem to find the time for anything.

Oh yeah...If anyone is looking for a lesson in the Military Justice system go to Military Justice 101 .