08 October 2004

New Corpsman Group Blog

Hey all you slimy suckers and corpsman lovers!!!

Head on over to Musings of a Few Corpsman, a new group blog that Sean has started where a few corpsman get together and share their sea stories and tall tales!!

In other news, still no word on the XOI thing....I'm really getting sick and tired of this fucking run-around that I'm getting handed down. I talked at length with my HM1 this afternon before I left about what he thinks is going to happen to me. He basically said that its up in the air, because of the fact that the new XO is a mystery to everyone. I expressed to him my fears of not being a corpsman anymore, he replied with encouragement that no one was harmed and that everything was rectified in the end. The intentions never were there to harm anyone. He also reaffirmed that everyone was behind me and the fact that I was a good worker before and have continued to be a good worker since, that I am a "Salvageable" sailor. He said the fact that I've approached all this with a good attitude and done the menial tasks that have been assigned with no complaint weighs on my side. I'm crossing my fingers on this one, but not thinking too much about it right now.

I was supposed to go to the bar at College Park with some friends tonight, but no dice. He called me about half-an-hour before we were supposed to leave and said that he had no room in his car for me. Oh well. I'll just sit and rot my ass off. Up yours!!!

Well gotta fly....
Peace and Axle Grease!!