13 October 2004

What to do?

First off, apologies to everyone for my neglect in blogging and blog rolling. I've been too busy getting hammered to really have enough time to post a decent post.

I've never been one for politics. Well, I pay attention to stuff...sometimes. The reason I'm talking about this is that I'm starting to doubt my own beliefs. One of my good friends and I got into a discussion about the first set of debates. It seemed that I didn't have any good arguing points to vote for Bush. I based all of my points on the fact that Bush has given us pay-raises every year(hence he takes care of the military) , and his terrorism policies, which I think are pretty much right on. His "Leave No Child Behind" policy looks good on paper, but so did communism. That I'm still thinking about. It leaves too much room for children to slip through cracks in the system, and bases everything on the fact that the child has to care about their education in the first place, something rarely found in inner cities. Also, It penalizes kids in special circumstances. I had the whole "unconditional" 6 absences and fail that class rule in Jr. High and High School. The question still stands that If a child has a serious medical issue and "unintentionally" misses 6 classes because of appointments or because of illness related to that condition, does it still apply?

On the home front, Bush's domestic policies aren't as strong as they should be. What has he done for the economy, except raise interest rates. Is "Big Buisness" the way to go? I'm not so sure anymore. Only if the answers were so easy to see.

In other news, no news. Not necessarily good news though.
Gotta jet,
Peace and Axle Grease
(PS... To Tragic...Axle grease is just that. It's grease that lubes the axle on your car allowing it to spin without metal rubbing metal.)