20 December 2004

Good to be home for the Holidays


Been home now for a few days and have gotten myself settled. Seeing old places and faces again makes me feel good inside. 3 of my old friends are stil here. Chris B. has been down in Fort Sam Houston for OBC. He's now a 2nd LT stationed at Ft. Lewis with the Stryker Brigade as the medical officer (not a Doctor, just a title, as he explained it to me last night). That worries me a little. I knew that there wold be risks involved with being in the military, but it's hard to accept the fact that this may be the last time that you get to spend with someone you grew up with and hung out with for all these years.

Josh D., my best bud... He's stationed on the USS Carl Vinson. He's getting ready for a 'round the world cruise. Good luck there shippey. Haven't seen him yet, but I will.

Adrienne is working an apprenticeship at the shipyard. Haven't seen her yet either, but I will.

The only bad thing about coming home is knowing that you will inevitably have to leave and say goodbye to your loved ones once more, to go do your part to keep them safe. You try not to think about it, but it's always there and that makes the visits that much more cherished. You cherish every second, every moment your with the people that you love.

So helllllllooooooooo Washington!! HELLLLLOOOOOO Port Orchard!!! I'm here to stay for the
next couple of weeks.

As a close, to all my brothers in the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Nat'l Guard unable to make it home for Christmas or New Years, keep yourselves safe and sound. You are much thought of here in the states (regardless of what those liberal nitwits say). And if one of you reads this, my email is on my profile. If you want or need someone to talk to, Doc's here. And to all my friends stateside, be thankful for what you have. Because someone else might not have that. And may everyone, whether it be stateside, on the seas, in the air, or on the ground of foreign soil, have a safe, wonderful and Merry Christmas. (Chanukah, Yule, Kwanza, or whatever you celebrate too.)