27 July 2004

Back to the Basics

Well, my fun in the sun was short lived, as I am here back in good ol Maryland to return to work tomorrow night.  As I was flying back I thought to myself that 3 days getting smashed in a row was gonna wear me down.  When I got back my buddy, Doc Arthur was sitting on the smoke deck and says to me "In the mood to drink beer?"  I was like, "Sure, always in the mood to do that."  So we head back to his room and he has a fucking case of "Blue" sitting there.  I was like "Hell frickin Yeah!"  So I ran upstairs and grabbed my XBOX and we drank some beer and played games.  This is what I live for, Good Brew, Good Friends and Good times.  I would be lying if I said that I'm not gonna miss him when he goes to Oki.  He's been nothing be a good friend to me and I wish him the best when he goes to the Marines.  Doc, It's been a pleasure knowing you and your presence has been a blessing in my life.

The things I love most in the world are my parents, and my friends.  My friends are so important to me that I hold them as family.  They are what help shape and mold my life, point me away from wrong, and show me the way, and constantly are there for me.  I love you all...