18 July 2004

That's why god created Corpsman!

Once upon a time, a very long time ago(106 years to be exact), God looked down at this big round ball he called Earth.  And as he gazed, he saw the forces of good he had created. The army whose job it was to defend from land attack; the Navy, to protect our shores and sea lanes of commerce; and finally the Marines, who played with the army, rode with the navy, and enforced freedom and democracy overseas.   Soon God's eyes fell upon a wounded Marine, and saddened to see him in so much pain, and to see him bear that pain alone.  He wanted to create someone to care for and love this Marine.  So...He took the flesh and blood of this man, mixed it with the salt of the sea, and he poured into it the compassion and love that we all know our heavenly father for.  And from this emerged a man, with a grit in his teeth, and a pack on his back.  This man is what we call a Corpsman, something that I am honored to share a name with.  And every Corpsman is my brother(or sister) and I am proud beyond words or thoughts to be apart of this grand family. 
So what? I feel a little melancholy tonight... Whatcha gonna do about it?  Maybe you should read this then if you still don't understand:

I shall not walk in your footsteps,
but I will walk by your side.
I shall not walk in your image,
I've earned my own title of pride.
We've answered the call together,
on sea and foreign land.
When the cry for help was given,
I've been there right at hand.
Whether I am on the ocean,
or in the jungle wearing greens,
giving aid to my fellow man,
be it sailors or marines.
So the next time you see a corpsman
and you think of calling him "squid",
think of the job he's doing
as those before him did.
And if you ever have to go out there
and your life is on the block,
Look at the one right next to you....
I'm the one called "Doc."
So maybe now you know why I love my job.  Maybe now you know why I tolerate fat-headed military nurses and stubborn civilian bitches.  Maybe now you know why I am the best at my job, even though I hate this fucking place.  Well later for now, duty calls......