19 July 2004

A day off to do.......nothing at all

I'm sitting here in my small cramped barracks room, thinking of something to do.  I've watched the Butterfly Effect three times in the past week.  Pretty good movie, but I don't like the alternate ending that came on the DVD.  Too weird for me.  Anyways I bought two new XBOX games today, True Crime and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.  Played TC for awhile, pretty fun to drive around LA and kick some punks ass.  Haven't played Splinter Cell yet.  I liked the first one so I hope this one delivers.
Anyways, not much happening today.  I have room inspection on Wednesday so I know tomorrow I'm gonna be field day'ing my room.  
I think I'll talk about what I was doing last year at this time.  It was about April to June last year, when the war first broke out when we were doing that 'Shock and Awe' bombing campaign.  Well, I wasn't here thats for sure.  I was floating somewhere in a 10 x 10 mile box 10 miles off the coast of Kuwait on the USNS Comfort.  Oh yes, how I wish I was out there right now.  Treating trauma patients is what I was meant to do.  Burn patients, GSW's to heads, legs, arms etc., shrapnel taking on heels.  Cool stuff.  Instead now I'm here taking care of old retired wives that are 500 lbs and wonder why their in heart failure.  Hmmmm...sounds exciting huh?  I cant wait till I get outta here and get to my ship.  Real, practical, Navy Medicine.
Well thats about it for now...Take care all my blogging friends and keep it real!