22 July 2004

Chilling after work

Wow!  This is grabbing more attention than I thought it ever would....cool!

Anyways, work was good last night, even though we got slammed with admits.  The long and short of it is that I had a good crew working with me and for me last night.   The best crew on the floor in my opinion.  Everything worked so smoothly and timely to get things done on time.  And we even had time to sit around and chill out for about an hour.  The nurses were the best, helping us out with the morning routine and stuff.  It was great.

And how about Lance Armstrong?  That man is my hero if I ever had one.  Beating Testicular Cancer that mastastisied to his Brain and Lungs and going on to win 5 Tours and Threatening to win his 6th.  This guy is awesome! 

Well, its about that time.  Sorry I couldn't write more, but I'm really tired and shleepy.  I'll see all of you in the blogsphere later.