14 July 2004

Killing Time at Work

The one thing I hate about working night shift is the intense boredom from 2300-0300. I also figured that starting this would help curb some of the frustrations that have come about with my staff and people appointed over me.

Just a little about myself at first. I am a US Navy Corpsman stationed at the worst possible place on the face of the planet, National Naval Medical in Bethesda, MD. My name is Marc and I'm 20 years old. I joined the Navy with the pretenses of being a Aviation Air Crewman, and going to sea. When I arrived at Boot Camp in May of 2002 I started my Career in the worlds finest navy. On day 4 on our inprocessing, during our medical exams, it was found that I was color deficient( a mild case of Color Blindness) which immediately cancelled my appplication to NACCS(Naval Air Crew Candidate School). I had to rush to find a new job which I was interested in or void my contract and go home. I had always wanted to be in the medical field, so I signed to be a Corpsman. What a blessing it has turned out to be, except for the fact that I am stationed in the ass crack of Navy Medicine. Anyways, 2 years later and I'm a third class and awaiting my transfer to Pearl Harbor in December.

I have met several people including some of my best friends, HN Haines, HN Arthur, HN Fitzpatrick, and some others. Joining the Navy has been one of the most gratifying decisions I could have made.

Well have to run for now.....