18 July 2004

King Arthur Rules!!!

I saw King Arthur the other day.... I think I have a new favorite Dark Ages movie!!!  Just the whole atmosphere of the movie was awesome.  It was a new and refreshing take on the old legend of King Arthur and his Knights.  It had very little special effects and what the effects there were, enhanced the telling of the story.  The fact that Merlin was a regular shaman, or tribal leader instead of a powerful wizard was fascinating to me.
Anyways I'm back at work again at 0215 in the morning and the mundacity is killing me.  My thoughts seem to always float to my brothers and sisters in Iraq, healing my fallen comrades.  What I wouldn't give to be out there with them right now!
I can't wait till I report to my next duty station in December.  Just to get away from this shithole of a hospital.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hate Nurses.  Where I'm going I wont have anyone second guessing my opinions on patients that I've taken care of for 5 consecutive working days and this is their first day taking care of that patient.  No doctors to ask me why things weren't done while my hands were tied with a coding patient.  Officers in the medical field need to take that big shiny metal rod out of their ass and throw it away.  I wish the Assault on a Superior Officer rule didn't apply in these situations.  Sorry, Just felt the need to vent.  Not like anyone is really reading this yet.
I do seem to like the younger patients though.  Their positive outlook on life is always a breath of fresh air, especially since they just had a hole cut in them from their chest to their groin.  I find that very uplifting sometimes.
Well, my patients need me....Off to save some lives!!  I'm outie....