21 July 2004

Hanging with my pals

Well, It's 0900 and I'm bushed.  After cruising around the web last night my roommate came back from standing Medevac watch at 2300.  I thought I'd let him have some peace and quiet, so I hauled my XBOX downstairs to my pals room.  I was there until about 0400 playing Splinter Cell:Pandora Tomorrow.  He kicked me out so he could clean, which he doesn't do but once a week for room inspections.  Anyways, I cruised back up to my room to get another pack of smokes and locked my keys in my room....*sigh*.  So I carried my shiz-nit to the lounge and hooked it up to the big screen.  I was rocking down there till about 0700.  So I had to jaunt over to the BPO's office to get a new key.....  So I get the normal lecture on how I should make sure I have my keys on me before I shut the door all the way.  About that time, Doc Arthur comes rolling up the walk in his coveralls, for he just got off work.  I says "How about some chow?," and he says, "Sure, what were you thinking?"  "D's"(our slang for McDonalds).  So we rolled out and ate and came back....(sounds exciting huh?).  And now here I am....

While I'm here I want to shift gears a little bit and give someone some recognition.  Spending some time out in the gulf last year at the "Spearhead of Navy Medicine"(thats what our CO called it) opened my eyes to many things.  And I just wanted to tell someone thanks for doing what you do.  Your support, although not known to many, is important.  If your health didn't exclude you from serving, I would be honored to be "your Corpsman."  Keep doing what you do.  If there were more people like you here in America, I wouldn't be afraid to walk off bas ein my whites in fear of being spit on.  Yes it happens.  And whats worse is that I got accused of being a baby killer.  Me of all people.  You know what I did?  I pointed to my caduceus(the medical symbol I am proud to wear on my uniform) and I said. "Excuse me? While you were here smoking weed and eating your cheeseburger and fries, I was out there holding a dying Iraqi 4 yr old in my arms, comforting her in her last moments.  I was treating 4th degree burned Iraqi civilians, POWs that under the Geneva convention we are required to treat."  She just gave me a blank stare and walked away.  Hopefully I changed her mind about a few things.  Anyways, Josh, thanks for what you do.  It means a lot to me and a whole lot of other service members out there.  You may no be standing a wall over there where you'd like, but your're standing on a wall thats just as important.  Semper Fi! brother
I urge everyone to take a look at his blog.  And with that I bid everyone a fond adieu and good evening(or morning, or whatever the fuck time of day it is!)