24 July 2004

Some long awaited R&R

Well, I'm here in Florida, whilling with my friend and his buds down here in the good ol' Sunshine State.  It's hot as fuck, not to mention humid.  Anyways the days trip wasn't exactly perfect.

I missed my flight by like 10 mins, because after I got to the airport they changed gates.  I had worked the night before and I was tired.  So naturally I was sleeping.  Well I woke up and looked around and there were loads of people around.  I think to myself, "Alright, this is weird since the flight supposedly started boarding like 15 mins ago."  So I walk up to the dude behind he desk, and he was like, "Yeah, the gate changed like a half hour ago." Fuck me, right?  I book it, like I mean hauled ass down the airport and I get to the correct gate with 10 mins to spare according to my watch.  The guy was like, "Sorry Dude"  and I could see the plane taxing away.  I go to customer service and get seen after waiting in the line forever, about an hour or so(I wasn't going to sleep again).  I was able to get standby on a flight that lef tin an hour.  So of course I'm bummed that I don't really know if I'm going to make it or not, so I wait.  Turns out I get on it, in an exit aisle no less.  Cool beans, I can stretch my legs, and get some shut eye.  Good thing the pilot landed hard because thats the only thing that woke me up.

First thing my buddy does on the drive home is get a 20-pack of Bud.  In about 2-3 hours I had downed six, still exhausted, haven't eaten anything since breakfast(it's about 7pm).  I'm done.  Of course I'm a lightweight, only been drinking sine I was 18(2 1/2 years, see what the military does to ya!)  Anyways, I crash on his couch. and the rest is history.  My head still hurts.  Time for some high quality H2O.