03 August 2004

Accelerate your life.....thats what the commercial says

The last couple of days, work has been hell. Thank god for a day off.

Some shits going on at work that I really can't talk about, but I might get screwed really bad-like. I make a mistake, granted it wasn't exactly a small one, but still. I've never had a complaint against me, counseling(verbal or otherwise), or bad marks of any kind. Then comes the threat that they might throw the book at me. For you civilians, that means Captains Mast, or XOI. That's really got me shaking in my boon-dockers really bad. Thats career demening territory. Why do they not see that I've been an upstanding, outstanding hard-worker for them thus far and they should give me a break. My Senior LPO(leading petty officer....kinda like a manager) asked me what my punishment should be. Thats torture enough, but I think I know what to say.

Anyways, I went on a ride-along with my buddys Volly Fire Department last night. I got to meet his crew, nice group of guys. Though we only got one call I had a blast. And it wasn't even a fire. Somebody had smelled some kind of noxious odor and called the FD. I was wanting to see a fire, but it was cool just hanging out at the firehouse. We were watching Stargate SG-1 when the call came in. Now a little explanation of the different bells. They have a bell for the Ambulance, One Truck, Two Trucks and Empty Station. Well, we were sitting there watching the TV like I said before, and the Empty station, minus Ambo(because the EMTs ride in the trucks) bell goes off. Everybody jumps up and books it to their gear, which is usually staged on the floor for easy access. My ride-along for the night was with the chief, who seems like a good-natured guy but doesn't talk much to the new guys, so I'm to his truck before he is, which is a good thing. Lights and sirens baby, COOL AS SHIT!!! I had a good time nonetheless. I'm even thinking about dropping an app to join a Volly squad either here, in Hawaii, or when I get home.

Well thats about it for now. I hope all of yous people are safe and in good spirits.