12 August 2004

Change is the only constant in life. But why now?

I love the rain. But why does it always make me think of the bad things to life?

Why do I always seem to get close to someone right before they have to leave? One of my buds is tranfering and I feel like I hardly know him. I really only got to know him about 3 or 4 months ago, and I know that if I had more time to get to know him it wouldn't be so bad. One of the best guys that I met so far in the military. The other one that I've known since A school introduced us. Hes also a stand-up guy and someone that it's been a pleasure knowing. They're both going with the marines and that scares me. They are wonderful people and I just don't want anything to happen to them. I know for sure that one of them is deploying to Iraq in the very near future after he gets to his new unit at 29 Sticks. Both of them introduced me to the aspect of either running Fire or EMS after I get out, and I want to thank them for that. You guys are the best people I've met since being in the service. You've shown me my true calling in life and something that I would never be ashamed of doing, serving my fellow man. I want to thank you for everything you've shown me and taught me, and taking me in when no one else will. Doc Arthur and Doc Haines, fair winds and following seas, and may the very hand of God hold you in his hand(Arthur, I know you don't believe but just take it as it is). So to all the nights at the Broadway Diner, heres a toast to you! And yes Haines, you can have the milk WITH your meal.

If you didn't guess by earlier on, it's raining here and it's awesome. Thunder and lightning every couple minutes. Not much new going around here. Another day off, thats three in a row for everybody thats counting. Just a lot of thoughts running through my mind, trying to dodge all the cobwebs. So let's see, what to write about?

I went Paintballing on Saturday with the aforementioned gentlemen. Had a great time. We always end up on the same team for some reason. Needless to say we had a fucking blast. Then one of the guys came and watched me ge ink'd. Which by the way, it icthes like a bitch, cuz it's starting to peel. This is worse than actually getting it. The agony!

I also gotta start my own transfer process next week. For everybody that hasn't heard, I'm doing a cross-country and then some transfer from MD to Pearl Harbor, HI in December, witha 5 day stint in San Diego in between leave and reporting to the ship. I will be stationed on board the USS Reuben James (FFG-57). It will be an awesome experience I'm sure, to say the least. See, as a corpsman, I'm the only medical for 250 people onboard, except for maybe a First Class or a Chief, and maybe a striker underneath me. Plus, it's in Hawaii, which is like an added bonus to it all. I gotta go to the PRT office and get weighed and taped. Then go to PSD and pick up my transfer package where I can choose to get a whole bunch of advance pay and stuff, and I also get to pick the day I leave. Which I'm hoping will be in Late November or early December. I'm excited because there will be no bitchy nurses, and no doctors. It's all me baby!

Well thats about it for now. I'll catch up with y'all later.