05 August 2004

Breathe that breath...then sigh with relief


There. Thats better.

Here I am feasting on my vending machine burritos at work

I had a meeting with my SLPO this morning. He was really cool about things. He didn't sugar coat the fact that I fucked up, which I know for sure that I did. Come to find out that my commander wanted to push it all the way up, but my SLPO defended me to the fact that it was my first offense, i've been an outstanding corpsman thus far with no complaints to speak of. We started talking about things like burnout and stuff that "might" be going wrong. He was really cool about letting me speak my mind and open up, instead of being oppresive and overbearing. I went home a new person, refreshed and alive. No more stress. Gonna take my lumps and be done with it. Couseling chit and EMI. I'm lucky.

Well take care, back to work.
Peace out, my homies