06 August 2004

A reminder of why we are in Iraq

I know this post may not agree with everyone out there. All I can say is that I feel it necessary to remind everyone why it is, we do what we do, and why I would rather be in Iraq than sitting here doing nothing. All I say is that respect my opinions and do not flood my comments section with negative posts. Thank You.

We are rapidly approaching the 3 year anniversary of the day that changed everyones life, for better or for worse. To me, it was for the better. It showed America what needed to be done and gave us the motivation to do so. A lot of people died that day, and they will be forever honored in the songs and speech of angels for eternity. Our security was lax. The higher ups didn't see the threat as concerning enough to do anything about. Some say it was Bushs fault that we were hit, but remember that he had barely been in office for a year. He had to play with the cards he was dealt, and he made a two pair into a royal flush. We attacked Afghanistan swiftly and decisively, freeing its people from tyranny and opression.

The next part was not going to be as easy. When George W. Bush said, "We will punish the terrorists responsible, and also those who harbor them," he made a promise to every country on the face of the planet that we would try our damndest to wipe out the scurge of the earth once and for all. He said it was going to be difficult, long, and a different kind of war than we had ever fought. But we couldn't just storm into Iraq, guns ablazing. We had to find a reason to do it logically and decisively. Enter Colin Powell and his intelligence about the WMDs. I cant remember how old the intelligence was at the time, and I doubt it was fabricated. All i know is that we gave them plenty enough time to destroy all evidence of their production. Some say it was started over oil, maybe. Some say it was to finish what George Bush, Sr. started way back in the gulf war, highly doubtful. I say, we knew we had to remove Sadaam from power and restore democracy to Iraq. The first parts now over, all we have to do is to subdue the insurgents and get the government back on its feet. Think briefly about how the world would react to us pulling out of Iraq because of insugents. The insurgents would win, and all the countries harboring terrorists would think that they could just bully us around.

Another thing is that you always hear about all the boys dying over there. Again negative feedback from liberal journalists. You never hear about the oustanding medical care that the Navy Corpsman and Army medics provide to the Iraqi civilians. You dont hear about the Army Corps of Engineers and Navy Seabees helping rebuild the damaged buildings in Iraq. To those who say that so many people have died over there and we should come home, I haev something to say to you. After D-Day, nobody protested that our boys come home. We liberated a continent from an opressive ruler, with the whole-hearted support of a grateful nation. So many more boys and men died on the beaches of Normandy than have died in the Gulf War and OIF combined. War isn't sugar coated and easy to swallow. The very thought of it kills me inside, but we all signed on the dotted line. It's our cross to bear. Ask the Marine on the wall over there if he wants to go home and leave a job half-assed finished, I'm sure he would tell you to "Fuck Off and die." I would. War is hell, and people die, but think of how many more men, woman and children would die because we didn't do something about it.

My next topic is on the President. Michael Moore, this ones for you. George W. Bush is your good ole hometown american man. Who gives a shit how he talks, or what he says. I don't, in fact I think that he relates to more people with the way he talks. He just says whats on his mind and doesn't lose any sleep over it. And his grammar...half the people in this country have bad grammar, so why dont you make fun of them too? His support and buildup of the military has been 100%. We have received 3 payraises in the last 3 years hes been in office. The ones that Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton said he would give us after he reduced the size of our Carrier fleet. Go suck a golf ball through a garden hose, ass hole. I bet G. Dubya gets some every night from Laura too, so no need for him to go to his intern. Get a clue Hillary! I haven't seen Farenheit 9/11 and nor do I want to. Half the things that happened on that day was from the previous president in office, not bush. And the Economy? Studies have shown that it takes 5-7 years for mistakes made in the economy to show up on Wall Street. So guess whos to blame on that one? That's right! Bill.... I support Bush 100%! Hes got my vote, Keep kicking ass Dubya!

So I hope you liked my little rant this evening....I'm tired and I gotta get up for paintball in the morning.

And thats all I got to say about that...