17 August 2004

Let's see....what's new

I went to PSD today...

Well first I went to Military Family Health Center and got my record updated. Verified my 12 month for my HIV, which I'm cool with. Then I went to PSD and got my Transfer package. I filled out this form that asked if I wanted Advance Pay. Hell yes I want Advance Pay, I'll be 21. That's drinking money! No dependents, so I didn't have to fill out all that hoo-hah. No car, again none of that hoo-hah. I handed it to my Div-O to sign and she signed it no questions asked. Now my DH has to sign it...whos on leave right now. Anyways after that I went to the PRT office to get that stuff signed. The guy looked in the computer and signed my sheet, 1 failure, in Body-Comp standards, Hell yeah! No weight no tape, I was golden. Now the next thing I have to do is get my sea-duty screening accomplished. After that, its in the bag baby.

So the day I want to leave here is 01DEC2004, I'll fly into Sea-Tac and chill there for a couple days with some friends before going home to Port Orchard. Mom and Dad, I'm coming home!!!

What else to talk about.... I said my final goodbyes to Doc Arthur tonight. He leaves early tomorrow morning. I know i've said it once and I'll say it again. Fair Winds and Following seas Doc. "I WILL see you again. But not yet, not yet." --Gladiator Take care my friend. I'm gonna move to Hamlin so I can be your EMT when you're a Paramedic! You are my brother!

Well, I got peeps that wanna talk so I gotta run for now.

Navy Doc out...