25 August 2004

The way things are...

I hate playing catchup with my blog. I apologize for not throwing a post up, just that I had some personal buisness to cover and didn't want to pollute my mind with thinking about what to write.

It's 11 am and, alas, I should be sleeping. I had to get a fresh hair-chop for our inspection tomorrow morning. I feel like a recruit with the way they chopped me hair off, but I like it that way. Saves money on shampoo. But no worries about the sleep, since I have tonight off, I have plenty of time to play catchup on my sleep.

I had my Sea-Duty screening physical on Monday. Good Stuff... I noticed on my apointment sheet that I had a female Doctor assigned to do my physical. I was thinking to myself how nice it would be for a hot female doctor to fondle my balls and stuff. How wrong I was!! I check in at the fifteen minutes early. The corpsman gets my vitals and takes me back to the exam room. None of your typical drop your drawers or get naked talk. The corpsman asks me the usual questions about Tobacco and Alchohol use. She says "Illicit Drugs?" and I answer "Yes please!" Typical military humor since we can't do none of that shit. She tells me that the doc will be in to see me in a couple minutes. After about 6 minutes of sitting there looking at the posters about clogged atereys and smoking cessation, this dude walks in and asks, "How's your ankle?" I was like "What the f--k are you talking about?" "Oh, sorry. Your the guy for the sea-duty screen" "Uh, yes sir." Turns out hes a civilian med student. Not an Intern or resident, a med student. I hate med students, but I'm used to them by now. He runs through my physical and everything. No pecker check, no butt check. Just lymph node palpation and heart and lung sounds. "I'll go talk to the Doc about your paperwork and we'll be back in a second." I had some authorization for sea-duty paperwork she needed to sign. Well here the doctor walks in. Old lady, must have been 50 with thick coke-bottle glasses and moles all over her face. Just wanted to listen to my ticker, since it was beating fast from the 3 cups of coffee and the 3 ciggarettes I had smoked before my appointment. Smart thing to do huh? Then she notices my face is flushed, because its hotter than hell in the exam room. She orders a Thyroid test to see if my thyroid is functioning properly. WTF??? Theres nothing wrong with my Thyroid! And thats exactly what my labs looked like when I looked them up last night on the system. So I'm all cleared for Sea-Duty. Now if I could only get my Department Head to sign my sheet for Detach date verification, which she refuses to sign for reasons I'll get to in a minute.

Monday night was also my first day back at work since the incident last week. Went off without a hitch, except that my nurse was charge, so I was running around doing most of the work. Note to self: Do not wear brand new uniform shoes on a 12 hour shift before properly breaking them in. My feet were throbbing by the night's end, since I was on my feet, running around like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. No other problems than that, except I got behind a little here and there for patient load reasons. You can't do everything at once when your by yourself. I spent a probably a total of an hour on the phone with the Pharmacy trying to get the meds for our patients sent up. To all the RNs that read my blog...Are all hospital pharmacys jacked up to the point where you have to send the MD Orders 20 billion times before they send the meds up 2 1/2 hours after the patient was supposed to get them? Good stuff!

Last night was more of the same. Had a demented patient that fell down flat on her face and busted the shite out of it. Got really combative and really wouldn't let us do anything but vitals. Not too busy. Nurses heped me out a lot last night. It was a lax night and we all heckled and joked with each other. One of the nurses kept hitting me in the nuts with his stethoscope. So while he was sitting charting on the computer, I dropped a liter bag of saline(unopened) right on his lap. Talk about hurting. Paybacks a bitch, huh?

This morning, as the shift was winding down, my DH said she wanted to speak with me about last weeks "event." We sat and talked for a good hour about the stress I've been under and outlets for help. I have an appointment to go see the chaplain to get some pointers on some stress relieving activities that'll get my mind off stuff so I can function better at work. I'm probably going to see my Chief for a DRB( Disciplinary Review Board). My LPO says its very unlikely that it'll go farther than that, but I'll keep everyone posted on how things work out. They have to collect "Data" on me before they do a formal board so I just sit and wait for now I guess. Theres not much data to collect on me since before these incidents I have nothing bad in my record. A lot of the stuff I have are compliments and LOA's (Letters of Appreciation). My eval scores are decent. I doubt anything bads gonna come down. More EMI probably. I know when my HM1 comes off con leave, he'll be pissed at me and real dissappointed. I guess you cant please 'em all. I try though, maybe too hard at times. To the reason my DH won't sign my transfer paperwork is that she needs to think about whether or not I'm qualified enough at this point to be the Jr. Corpsman onboard ship. Load of BS that it is. Another thing I have to wait on.

Well here we are. Tuesday morning at 12:30. Tired as fuck and ready for bed. Gonna watch Mad Max and rift off to never-neverland.

Navy Doc Out...