10 August 2004

"Hand me my lightsaber, its the one that says bad mother fucker on it."

This blog took off faster than I realized.

Most of the contacts that I have now came through Vadergrrrl, one of the sweetest and wonderful bloggers out there. She happens to live about 20 minutes from my house in Washington. Her support of our Armed Forces is unrivaled by anyone in my opinion.

How I came to write this blog? I saw a article in People or some magazine like that about 2 months ago about an Army soldier in Iraq. I was at work at the time, it was a pretty slow night and right there I hopped on the computer and went to the page. I read a little bit and saw this link to a blog Doc in the Box and was suprised to find out it was a Corpsman deployed with a Casualty Evacuation squadron with the USMC. I thought to myself, "How ironic is this?" So I decided right then and there to start up my own and post about Corpsman life stateside, and give it a reality of what a Sailors life is like whos stuck on the shore(even though lately I haven't written much about work).

After a couple days I notice a post from someone with the SN Vadergrrrl. I figured it was just some young chick with a thing for guys in the military. So I cruise on over to her blog. Turns out shes a 34 year old, military loving woman who just so happens to live near my hometown. So turns a friendship budding that has given me new energy to do what I love. I love you grrrl.

So after a while people follow her link to my blog and I've added them to my links. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for checking it out. So now on to daily events....

Today was pretty uneventful. Days off usually are. I got off work this morning about usual time and stayed up and watched one of my favorite racing movies, "Days of Thunder." After that I jumped on the net for a little while and cruised around, looking for upgrades to my Paintball Marker, and a Digital Camera. Then I threw on Episode II, curled up into my bed and fell asleep around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I woke up about 5 or 6 and went outside to smoke. I met a couple of buds out there and we roll out to an "All You Can Eat" pizza joint. 4.81 for the Pizza bar and a Drink...beats Godfathers any day of the week. Anyways after that we come home and I find out that my bud was rear-ended today. That sucks, since hes headed on PCS leave in 6 days. Stick it out Colin, I'm here for ya buddy.

Well thats about it for now... Hopefully something interesting happens so I can write about it. Everyone take care and keep your heads up.